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Download Backgammon and Challenge Yourself with Live Tournaments

How to Download Backgammon and Enjoy One of the Oldest Board Games in the World

Backgammon is a game that has been played for thousands of years by people from different cultures and regions. It is a game of skill and luck, where two players move their pieces on a board according to the roll of dice. The goal is to be the first to remove all your pieces from the board, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Backgammon is a game that can challenge your mind, improve your concentration, and provide you with hours of entertainment. In this article, we will show you how to download backgammon on your device, and how to play it online or offline with friends or strangers.

What is Backgammon and Why Should You Play It?

The History and Rules of Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and Persia. It has been played by kings, emperors, generals, philosophers, and ordinary people throughout history. It has also evolved over time, with different variations and rules in different regions. The modern version of backgammon was popularized in Europe in the 17th century, and later spread to America, where the doubling cube was introduced.

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The rules of backgammon are simple to learn, but hard to master. Each player has 15 pieces, called checkers, of one color (white or black). The board consists of 24 narrow triangles, called points, arranged in four quadrants. The points are numbered from 1 to 24, with point 1 being the furthest point from the player on his right side, and point 24 being the closest point on his left side. The two players move their checkers in opposite directions around the board, from point 24 to point 1 for white, and from point 1 to point 24 for black.

The movement of the checkers is determined by the roll of two dice. Each die represents a separate move, so a player can move one checker twice, or two checkers once each, as long as the destination points are open (not occupied by two or more enemy checkers). If a player rolls a double (the same number on both dice), he can move four checkers by that number. A player must use both dice if possible, or forfeit his turn if he cannot.

The objective of the game is to bear off all your checkers before your opponent does. To do this, you must first move all your checkers into your home board (the quadrant closest to you). Then you can start removing them from the board by rolling a number that corresponds to the point where they are located. For example, if you have a checker on point 5, you can bear it off by rolling a 5. If you roll a number higher than any point where you have a checker, you can bear off from the highest point.

If a player lands on a point where there is only one enemy checker, he can hit it and send it to the bar (the middle of the board). The player who has a checker on the bar must re-enter it into his opponent's home board before making any other moves. He can do this by rolling a number that corresponds to an open point in that quadrant. If there are no open points, he loses his turn.

A player can increase the stakes of the game by using the doubling cube, which has numbers from 2 to 64 on its faces. Before rolling the dice, a player can offer to double the value of the game, which is initially 1 point. The opponent can either accept the offer and take the cube, or decline and forfeit the game. The player who holds the cube can offer to redouble it at any time, but only by a factor of two. The game ends when one player bears off all his checkers, or when one player resigns.

How to download backgammon for free

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The Benefits of Playing Backgammon

Playing backgammon is not only fun, but also good for your brain and your mood. Here are some of the benefits of playing backgammon:

  • It improves your cognitive skills, such as memory, concentration, logic, and problem-solving.

  • It stimulates your creativity and imagination, as you have to plan your moves and anticipate your opponent's moves.

  • It enhances your social skills, as you can interact with other players online or offline, and learn from their strategies and feedback.

  • It reduces your stress and anxiety, as you can relax and enjoy the game, and forget about your worries for a while.

  • It boosts your self-esteem and confidence, as you can improve your skills and win more games, and challenge yourself with higher levels of difficulty.

How to Download Backgammon on Your Device

The Best Backgammon Apps for Android

If you have an Android device, you have plenty of options to download backgammon apps from the Google Play Store. Here are some of the best backgammon apps for Android:


Backgammon - Lord of the BoardA popular and colorful backgammon app that offers online multiplayer mode, tournaments, chat, gifts, and bonuses.4.5/5

Backgammon FreeA classic and simple backgammon app that offers offline mode, 5 difficulty levels, hints, stats, and undo.4.4/5

Backgammon LiveA fun and social backgammon app that offers online multiplayer mode, live chat, custom boards, coins, and mini-games.4.3/5

Backgammon MastersA professional and realistic backgammon app that offers online multiplayer mode, 6 game modes, 12 board designs, and advanced AI.4.2/5

Backgammon DeluxeA stylish and elegant backgammon app that offers offline mode, 3 difficulty levels, hints, stats, and achievements.4.1/5

The Best Backgammon Apps for iOS

If you have an iOS device, you can also find many backgammon apps on the App Store. Here are some of the best backgammon apps for iOS:


Backgammon HDA sleek and modern backgammon app that offers online multiplayer mode, 4 game modes, 7 board themes, and voice chat.4.6/5

Backgammon NJA sophisticated and realistic backgammon app that offers offline mode, 6 skill levels, hints, analysis, and tutorials.4.5/5

Backgammon GoldA rich and diverse backgammon app that offers online multiplayer mode, 12 game variants, 4 board designs, and dice statistics.4.4/5

Backgammon AceA friendly and social backgammon app that offers online multiplayer mode, live chat, tournaments, gifts, and missions.4.3/5

Backgammon PremiumA classic and elegant backgammon app that offers offline mode, 3 difficulty levels, hints, stats, and achievements.4.2/5

The Best Backgammon Apps for Windows and Mac

If you prefer to play backgammon on your computer, you can also download backgammon apps for Windows and Mac. Here are some of the best backgammon apps for Windows and Mac:


Backgammon Classic ProA comprehensive and customizable backgammon app that offers offline mode, 5 skill levels, 6 game modes, 12 board styles, and statistics.4.7/5

Backgammon Online GCA vibrant and interactive backgammon app that offers onl


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