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SHQ (30).txt

Let's take a look at an example annotation of the above image f9a9a175f26d4b26bca3a5338cc1405e.jpg in YOLO Darknet format. The corresponding f9a9a175f26d4b26bca3a5338cc1405e.txt file contains the annotations for objects in the image.

SHQ (30).txt

Download File:

Load the EVENT table by replacing the IAM role ARN in the following COPY command with the role ARN you created in Step 1. Create an IAM role for Amazon Redshift. You can optionally download and view the source data for the allevents_pipe.txt from an Amazon S3 bucket in AWS Region us-east-1.

Currently I am having trouble creating polygons from .txt files using Python. I am uncertain about the method(s) I should use to create the geometry of the polygons. The text file is a list of coordinates separated by commas. 041b061a72


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