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How To Uninstall Oblivion Reloaded

This is be because Wrye Bash saves the Installers placement, markers and what you had installed/uninstalled when the application is properly closed. This means to restart it before rebuilding the Bashed Patch and/or restarting after adding, installing, removing, and changing mods.

How To Uninstall Oblivion Reloaded

The rest of the guide will come as I get the time to get a section updated. My plan is vastly different for low maintenance(hopefully), easy to read(colorblindness is a thing), quality over quantity(I suck at this because I went through a phase) and hopefully get another spinoff for Pretty Much Vanilla Oblivion which is going to be the guide I will likely play through with to get a baseline on oblivion today.

So I played Oblivion and got the Frostcrag Spire and I made a save in the living quarters. Then I accidentaly deleted the DLC because is was in my hard drive deleting saves and stuff and accidentaly deleted the DLC too. Then when I reloaded my save I was in darkness. I noticed there was the inside of a house up ahead, but I can't seem to get to the house. Will someone please help me? The last save was just 5 levels away and had no more due to deleting them in my hard drive.

Q: What is Morroblivion?The Morroblivion project seeks to resurrect The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into the more modern gaming engine of Oblivion. Our goals are to maintain the original experience with the ability bring to bring classic mods over such as Tamriel Rebuilt. While ownership of both games is required the user will experience Morrowind entirely in Oblivion.

Q: I haven't played in years, is there anything notable?Today, Morroblivion is a fully playable, working game world. Quests, NPCs, creatures, items, and graphical features all have been painstakingly converted, upgraded and/or created by hand to bring a true-to-the-original experience that takes advantage of many of Oblivion's advanced features. Read here for information on the history of the 10+ years of work on the Morroblivion project.

Q: Is this the official site for Morroblivion?Yes and No. This is a fan-created community and has no official connection with the original creator of Morroblivion, Galadrielle. As it stands today, however, slowly became the official website as years of development took place since v003 with two project branching off Skywind and Skyblivion. provides a place for the modding community to download the latest version of the mod, talk about further development, and exchange images and videos. Please read the Chat and Forum Rules and the Disclaimer before you post content.

Wasn't Morroblivion shut down by Bethesda?In 2008 during the beginning of Morroblivion Development, The original thread was shutdown on the official Bethesda forums and hosting on Nexus was taken down at Bethesda's Request. Their reasoning was licensing issues with assets, specifically Morrowind assets in Oblivion.

Q: How do I install Morroblivion?Visit the Download page and Installation Instructions on this site for the most current information. Virtually ALL of your installation questions can be answered by careful READING of the information presented. All of the required prerequisites are REQUIRED for Morroblivion to work right - make sure to follow the instructions!

If you are having trouble installing Morroblivion, re-read the README files and the FAQs linked in the Download page, use the site's search function to see if there is any information on the problem, and ask in the forum and people will help you.

If anyone wants to volunteer and make a translation, that would be great. This wouldn't be particularly difficult, just very time consuming as it would involve making a mod that replaces all of the English dialogue with that of another language. The non-English dialogue could be generated from a non-English version of Morrowind using Galadrielle's ESP Converter software (the original game was available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish), which is available on the download page, or from the original Morrowind game using one of the Morrowind dialogue/translate tools. Or someone who is bilingual can create a new translation directly from the Morroblivion mod using one of the Oblivion dialogue/translate tools.

Q: Can I use the CD/DVD, Steam or GOG release?Yes, you can! The only thing to be aware of is that occasionally, some mods have slightly different installation instructions for the STEAM version of the game. The only one relevant to Morroblivion is xOblivion Script Extender (OBSE) which is required for Morroblivion. Read xOBSE installation instructions for details. If you installed Oblivion in C:\Program Files\ and you are running Windows 7, Windows 10/11 or Server 2008, you need to move your Steam installation out of C:\Program Files\, which you can do without reinstalling Steam: How to move Steam installation and games.

I got the mod installed and I found a bug - what should I do?Although essentially complete, Morroblivion is technically still in beta, and some bugs remain. Please search before posting bugs.

Why does Morroblivion run slowly, why is my framerate low?For a variety of reasons, areas in Morrowind, especially cities, can be more demanding on computer hardware than Oblivion. The simple fact is, big mods require big hardware, regardless of what mod it is (see the requirements of Better Cities for example).

Having an older computer or a low-end video card certainly doesn't mean you can't run Morroblivion - it just means you may have to turn your graphics settings down accordingly, especially when you travel to Morrowind.

How do I travel between Oblivion and Morrowind worldspace (Cyrodiil and Vvardenfell)?You can't travel between the worlds without the "world transport" mod, which are installed alongside the main Morroblivion mod. Read the installation instructions, as well as the instructions that come with the "world transport" mod.

Are there quest markers like in Oblivion?Yes by default, but they can be toggled off in Morroblivion INI file. Although not 100% of the quest stages have them, they are mostly there.

Is there fast travel like in Oblivion?Yes. This can also be toggled on and off in Morroblivion INI file. However, you have to discover a location before you can fast-travel to it.

Does all NPC dialogue have voice-overs - even though the original Morrowind did not?No! It is highly recommended that you install Morrowind Voiced Greetings and Combat which brings the ORIGINAL voiced dialogue to the Morroblivion mod (for a variety of reasons, this is a separate download). However, these are just the (limited) original Morrowind voice-overs.

Are Morroblivion creatures/loot/npc's/merchants leveled like in Oblivion?Background: In default Oblivion, many of the game's aspects change as your character's level increases. For example, a certain boss creature will always be at a level that is five level's higher than your character's current level. This is applied across the game, but this was not the case in Morrowind. This is a controversial topic, and there are many mods available that change the way leveling works in Oblivion (such as FCOM, OOO, etc).

What additional "made for Morroblivion" mods are there?There is a list posted here that includes all 'additional content' mods for Morroblivion that are not incorporated into the main project.

Is Morroblivion compatible with MOD X, Y or Z?Morroblivion takes place in its own worldspace and should not conflict with anything that modifies the Oblivion worldspace. FCOM, MMM, OOO, Fran, Unique Landscapes, and the big Oblivion quest mods typically work fine with Morroblivion. Some players have used over 250 mods in conjunction with Morroblivion.

Ultimately, whether a mod affects Morroblivion or not depends on what the mod does and how it is written. Any custom clothing, armor, etc., should be unaffected. New cities, quests, and anything else that goes on in the Oblivion worldspace should be unaffected. Morroblivion is similar to entering the Shivering Isles. Nothing on your character changes, but the surroundings are not familiar.

However, mods that affect gameplay mechanics (leveling, difficulty, realism etc.) have not been as thoroughly tested. Mods like Real Hunger will probably function as intended, however, these types of mods may rely on certain things that will not be present in the Morroblivion worldspace (like Oblivion food items).

The Oblivion Construction Set can be downloaded from the Construction Set Wiki, on this page. The Morrowind Construction set, which is very useful for comparing the original intent of Morrowind with the features of the Morroblivion mod, is included on the Morrowind CD-ROM. The Morroblivion Mod, however, is built in the Oblivion version of the Construction Set.

The current incarnation of the Morroblivion Mod is an .ESM (master) file, and each person working on a part of the project develops an .ESP (plugin) file that is later merged in to the Master. See ESP vs. ESM if you are unfamiliar. This allows even very small bug fixes to easily be posted by anyone in the community.

Why should I play Morroblivion vs. Morrowind Overhaul vs. Morrowind 2011 vs. OpenMWReally, you should play both. But if you have played Morrowind before, then you should give Morroblivion a try. There are a ton of differences between Morrowind and Oblivion in general, so read this page first and it should answer most of your questions. If your searching for the best original Morrowind experience then OpenMW is the best option.


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