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€?Powerbeats4’ With €?Hey Siri’ Support Referenced In IOS 13.3 Code

Apple's range of sports earbuds appears set to soon have a new addition called Powerbeats 4. Details within the code of iOS 13.3 reveal the name and also the fact that they will support "Hey, Siri" functionality for hands-free use. This follows the addition of the feature with Powerbeats Pro earlier this year.

‘Powerbeats4’ With ‘Hey Siri’ Support Referenced in iOS 13.3 Code


Apple today received FCC approval for a pair of wireless earphones with model number A2015, described as "Power Beats Wireless" in the regulatory documents. These are likely the rumored "Powerbeats4" earphones with "Hey Siri" support that MacRumors uncovered images of in iOS 13.3.1 code last month.

iOS & iPadOS: Settings> General> Software Update tvOS: System Preferences> System> Software Update> Check for updates watchOS: Watch app> continue General> Software Update or the Apple Watch macOS: System Preferences> Software Update * OTA to the actual push It may take some time. The Xcode 11.2.1 GM came out with the iOS 13.3 13.2.2 itneyo in the simulator.


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