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Cue For Treason Full 17

In November 1889, Kalākaua traveled to San Francisco for his health, staying at the Palace Hotel. He died there on January 20, 1891.[43] His sister Liliʻuokalani assumed the throne in the middle of an economic crisis. The McKinley Act had crippled the Hawaiian sugar industry by removing the duties on sugar imports from other countries into the US, eliminating the previous Hawaiian advantage gained via the Reciprocity Treaty of 1875.[44] Many Hawaii businesses and citizens felt pressure from the loss of revenue; in response Liliʻuokalani proposed a lottery system to raise money for her government. Also proposed was a controversial opium licensing bill.[45] Her ministers, and closest friends, were all opposed to this plan; they unsuccessfully tried to dissuade her from pursuing these initiatives, both of which came to be used against her in the brewing constitutional crisis.[46]

Cue For Treason Full 17

The Beer Hall Putsch was put down by the Munich police. Its ringleaders, including Adolf Hitler, were arrested. Hitler was convicted of high treason and sentenced to five years in prison. He served only eight months of his sentence.

Like the majority of judges during the Weimar period, Neithardt tended, in cases of high treason, to show leniency towards right-wing defendants who claimed to have acted out of sincere, patriotic motives. Wearing his Iron Cross, awarded for bravery during World War I, Hitler held forth against the Weimar Republic. He claimed the federal government in Berlin had betrayed Germany by signing the Versailles Treaty. He also justified his actions by suggesting that there was a clear and imminent communist threat to Germany.

The judges convicted Hitler on the charge of high treason. However, they gave him the lightest allowable sentence of five years in a minimum security prison at Landsberg am Lech. He served only eight months. While Hitler did have a base of support, left and right-wing newspapers criticized the leniency of his sentence. A prominent legal professor also published a paper outlining many of the trial's worst errors. Bavarian government officials were equally displeased. However, they acted with restraint to avoid giving the impression of trying to influence the affairs of the Bavarian Justice Ministry.

Hitler led a pleasant lifestyle for an inmate. Prison authorities allowed him to wear his civilian clothes, to meet with other inmates as he pleased, and to send and receive many letters. Prison authorities also permitted Hitler to use the services of his personal secretary, Rudolf Hess, a fellow inmate convicted of high treason. While in prison, Hitler dictated to Hess the first volume of his infamous autobiography, Mein Kampf.

In the beginning of the story cue for treason, we meet the main character , his father and and his brother Tom.We then learn how the farmer of the area, including the narrator are going to get revenge on a man named sir Philip. Sir Philip is a man who just recently moved into the area because he Inherited his grandfather estate. At first all went well but then sir Phillip went after the farmers on his land and taxed them heavily.Even after all that he went after the farmers he could not tax by building a wall through the stream that the farmers sheep drink from. That is why the main character,his family and the farmers of the area are going to destroy the wall that night. All is going according to plan until sir Phillip shows up. In all the confusion the main character goes and hides, then throws a rock a sir Philip .His decision causes him to be shot at, the bullet only just missing him.In the end he finally makes home and the chapter ends.

The first chapter in cue for treason is about a town that has a wall built around it that was built by sir Philip. The townsfolk do not like the wall and ban together to destroy it. The townsfolk put the maIn character peter as watch to watch for sir Philip. Peter does not hear die Philips men until the last minute and badly gets the warning of. After this peter throws a rock the the men and barely escapes death 350c69d7ab


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