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Canaro Font Family 18 Fonts For

Canaro Font Family 18 Fonts For

Canaro is a sans serif font family that was designed by René Bieder and published by his own foundry. It was conceived as an exploration of geometrical type designs of the early twentieth century, but it developed into a contemporary font with a modern streak. It has a unique but unobtrusive character, defined by legibility and functionality.

Canaro font family consists of 18 fonts: nine weights plus matching italics. The weights range from sharp and elegant thinner cuts to sporty and athletic heavy weights. The font family also includes typographic features like alternative glyphs, ligatures, oldstyle numbers, arrows, fractions and other special characters. Canaro supports extended Latin and covers more than 40 languages.

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Canaro font family is suitable for various purposes, such as editorial design, branding, web design, advertising, packaging and more. It can create a distinctive and sophisticated look for your projects. You can download two fonts for free: Canaro Light and Canaro Light Italic. You can also purchase the complete family or individual styles from different websites .

If you are looking for a sans serif font family with a historical background and a modern touch, Canaro font family is a great choice for you. It combines geometrical shapes with elegant curves and open forms. It is a versatile and professional font family that can enhance your designs.


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