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Bandh Darwaza Film Full Movie Download

Bandh Darwaza Film Full Movie Download

Bandh Darwaza is a 1990 Indian Hindi-language horror film starring Kunika, Manjeet Kullar, Aruna Irani, Anirudh Agarwal and the Afghan actor Hashmat Khan. The film's soundtrack was composed by the AnandMilind brothers. The film is about a vampire named Neola who preys on innocent humans from a decrepit complex of caves called Kali Pahari. He is assisted by a group of evil servants who lure young women to his lair so he can seduce them and spread his evil seed. The film was directed by Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay, who are known for their horror films in Bollywood.

Download File:

If you are a fan of horror films and want to watch Bandh Darwaza, you might be wondering how to download the full movie online. There are many websites that claim to offer free downloads of Bandh Darwaza, but most of them are either illegal or unsafe. Downloading movies from unauthorized sources can expose you to malware, viruses, and legal troubles. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid such websites and look for legal and safe ways to watch Bandh Darwaza online.

Legal and Safe Ways to Watch Bandh Darwaza Online

One of the best ways to watch Bandh Darwaza online is to stream it on YouTube. The official channel of Goldmines Bollywood has uploaded the full movie in high quality on YouTube. You can watch it for free without any ads or interruptions. The link to the YouTube video is [here]. You can also find other videos related to Bandh Darwaza on the same channel, such as songs, scenes, and trailers.

Another way to watch Bandh Darwaza online is to rent or buy it on Hotstar. Hotstar is a popular streaming platform that offers a variety of movies and shows in different languages. You can rent Bandh Darwaza for 24 hours for 50 or buy it for 150. You can also watch it with English subtitles if you prefer. The link to the Hotstar page is [here]. You will need to create an account and pay with a credit card or debit card to access the movie.

A third way to watch Bandh Darwaza online is to use IMDb TV. IMDb TV is a free streaming service that offers a selection of movies and shows with ads. You can watch Bandh Darwaza on IMDb TV with English subtitles if you have an Amazon account. The link to the IMDb TV page is [here]. You will need to sign in with your Amazon account and agree to the terms and conditions to watch the movie.


Bandh Darwaza is a classic horror film that has a cult following among fans of the genre. If you want to watch Bandh Darwaza online, you should avoid illegal and unsafe websites that offer free downloads of the movie. Instead, you should use legal and safe ways to stream or download the movie online, such as YouTube, Hotstar, or IMDb TV. These platforms will provide you with a high-quality viewing experience without any risks or hassles.


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