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Santhanakadu Tamil Serial Songs

Santhanakadu Tamil Serial Songs

Santhanakadu is a Tamil television serial that aired on Makkal TV from 2019 to 2020. The serial was based on the life and history of the notorious forest brigand Veerappan, who operated in the Sathyamangalam Forest along the border of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. The serial was directed by R. Thirumurugan and featured Rajesh as Veerappan, Priya as Muthulakshmi, and Ravi as Gopal.


The serial was well-received by the audience for its realistic portrayal of Veerappan's life and activities, as well as the challenges faced by the police and forest officials in capturing him. The serial also had a catchy title song that captured the essence of Veerappan's character and his relationship with the forest. The song was composed by D. Imman and sung by Senthil Dass and Chinmayi.

The title song of Santhanakadu had the following lyrics:

சந்தனக்கட சந்தனக்கட சந்தல் மல் வீரப்பன் வீரப்பன் சவக்க மல் வீரப்பன் வீரப்பன் Santhanakadu Santhanakadu Senthil mel Veerappan Veerappan Sivakku mel Veerappan Veerappan The sandalwood forest, the sandalwood forest On the moon, Veerappan, Veerappan On the red, Veerappan, Veerappan எல்ல சம வீரப்பன் எல்ல சற வீரப்பன் எல்ல கற வீரப்பன் எல்ல மற வீரப்பன் Ellai saami Veerappan Ellai siru Veerappan Ellai kuru Veerappan Ellai muru Veerappan The boundary god, Veerappan The boundary small, Veerappan The boundary short, Veerappan The boundary fierce, Veerappan மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த மத்த Muthu muthu muthu Muthu muthu muthu Muthu muthu muthu Muthu muthu Pearl pearl pearl Pearl pearl pearl Pearl pearl pearl Pearl pearl

The song describes Veerappan as a fearless and powerful man who rules over the sandalwood forest and the moon (a reference to his crescent-shaped mustache). It also mentions his wife Muthulakshmi, whom he calls Muthu (pearl), and his devotion to the forest deity Ellai Saami. The song has a folk tune and a fast tempo that matches Veerappan's adventurous and rebellious spirit.

The title song of Santhanakadu was one of the highlights of the serial and became popular among the viewers. It can be listened to on YouTube or SoundCloud. The serial also had other songs that were used in different episodes, such as "Ellai Saami Veerappan HQ" and "Veerappan Theme Song". These songs can also be found on YouTube and other online platforms.

Santhanakadu Tamil Serial Songs were a significant part of the serial's success and appeal. They captured the mood and atmosphere of the forest and the life of Veerappan. They also showcased the talent and creativity of the composer and the singers. Santhanakadu Tamil Serial Songs were a tribute to the legend of Veerappan and his sandalwood forest.


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