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Remove Made As An Evaluation Of Proshow Producer

How to Remove Made as an Evaluation of Proshow Producer Text from Your Slideshows

If you are a fan of Proshow Producer, a slideshow tool that allows you to create photo and video slideshows with transition effects, caption effects, and a slide motion, you might have encountered a problem when you use the trial version of the software. The trial version expires after 15 days of use and adds a watermark text on your slideshows that says "Made as an evaluation of Proshow Producer". This text can be annoying and distracting, especially if you want to share your slideshows with others or use them for professional purposes. So, how can you remove this text from your slideshows?


There are two main ways to remove the "Made as an evaluation of Proshow Producer" text from your slideshows: buying the full version of the software or using another software to edit your slideshows. Let's look at each option in detail.

Buying the Full Version of Proshow Producer

The easiest and most straightforward way to remove the watermark text from your slideshows is to buy the full version of Proshow Producer. The full version costs $249.95 and offers unlimited use of the software, as well as access to more than 950 effects, built-in color palettes, follow filter, layer filters, masking, keyframing, and more. You can buy the full version from the official website of Photodex, the developer of Proshow Producer. However, if you are not willing or able to spend that much money on a slideshow software, you might want to consider another option.

Using Another Software to Edit Your Slideshows

Another way to remove the watermark text from your slideshows is to use another software to edit your slideshows after you export them from Proshow Producer. There are many software that can help you do that, such as Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, etc. However, in this article, we will focus on one example: Camtasia 9. Camtasia 9 is a video editing software that allows you to record your screen, edit your videos, add effects, transitions, annotations, and more. You can download a free trial version of Camtasia 9 from its official website. Here are the steps to remove the watermark text from your slideshows using Camtasia 9:

  • Open Camtasia 9 and import your slideshow video file into the media bin.

  • Drag and drop your video file onto the timeline.

  • Use the playhead to locate the position where the watermark text appears on your video.

  • Select the video clip on the timeline and click on the "Annotations" tab on the left panel.

  • Choose a shape annotation that matches the background color of your video and drag it onto the canvas.

  • Resize and position the shape annotation over the watermark text to cover it.

  • Repeat steps 3 to 6 for every instance where the watermark text appears on your video.

  • Preview your video and make sure that the watermark text is completely hidden by the shape annotations.

  • Export your video by clicking on "Share" and choosing your preferred format and quality.

You can watch a video tutorial on how to do this process here.

Note that this method is not perfect and may result in some loss of quality or inconsistency in your video. Also, you might need to spend some time and effort to adjust the shape annotations for each frame where the watermark text appears. Therefore, this method is only recommended as a temporary solution or for personal use. If you want to create professional-quality slideshows without any watermark text, you should consider buying the full version of Proshow Producer or using another slideshow software that does not add any watermark text.

We hope this article was helpful for you and answered your question on how to remove made as an evaluation of proshow producer text from your slideshows. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.


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