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Click: The Magic Of Instant Connections

pdf [Read]* Click: The Magic of Instant Connections By Ori Brafman on Textbook New FormatDownload Or Read Now ==> =0385529066You know the feeling. You meet someone new?at a party or at work?and you just hit it off. There is an instant sense of camaraderie.?In a word, you ?click.??From the bestselling authors of Sway, Click is a fascinating psychological investigation of the forces behind what makes us click with certain people, or become fully immersed in whatever activity or situation we?re involved in.?? ?From two co-workers who fall head over heels for each other while out to dinner and are married a month later (and fifteen years later remain just as in love), to a team of scientists who changed the world with the magic of their invention, these kinds of peak experiences, when our senses are completely focused on the moment, are something that individuals?and companies?strive to achieve. After all, when you?re in the ?zone,? you?re happier and more productive. Why is it that we click in certain situations and with certain people, but not with others? Can this kind of magical connection be consciously

Click: The Magic of Instant Connections

Why does this happen? In Click, brothers Ori and Rom Brafman investigate the forces behind this phenomenon and suggest concrete ways that we can bring about instantaneous connections, or what the authors call quick-set intimacy.

For most children, McDonald\u2019s means magic. There is a certain association with McDonald\u2019s \u2013 any McDonald\u2019s \u2013 of the magic of Ronald and his friends, having that Happy Meal in your happy place, the instant gratification of non-home-cooked food. It is a place of joy, indulgence and intense anticipation; opening up that paper box to reveal golden fries, the grease-stained wrapping of your burger where just a hint of cheese is visible and, of course, that week\u2019s toy (in my case, one of 1999\u2019s Snoopy World Tour figurines.) 041b061a72


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