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If you choose to buy a factory-new small plane, J.A. Air can help you reduce the cost by negotiating on your behalf to ensure that you obtain the best value. Our team has a wealth of market knowledge and will gladly work with you to prepare a budget for a small plane that meets your needs. Reach out to us for more information on our aircraft acquisition services.

buy small airplane

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Although the initial purchase price of a small plane can be substantial, you can reduce costs by purchasing a pre-owned plane. For example, Plane & Pilot Magazine reports that a good-quality used Cessna 150 is easily obtainable for as little as $30,000.

Inspection costs are another expense to consider, as small aircraft must be inspected annually. Honeywell reports that annual inspections range in price from $750 to $2000, with higher costs for specialized planes with retractable landing gear.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all aircraft owners to register their aircraft and re-register every three years (for a $5 re-registration fee). In addition, some states have small plane registration requirements and associated fees, so be sure to look up the requirements in your state.

J.A. Air has over 30 years of experience in assisting local customers with finding the right aircraft for their unique wants and needs. Our acquisition consultations are always free! Let us answer your questions and help you navigate the specific costs of purchasing a small plane. Call us at 800-323-5966 or fill out an online contact form. has been a pioneer offering aircraft for sale to business aviation leaders with 340,000 monthly visitors. Aircraft brokers, CEOs and C-level business executives, pilots and flight department managers, among many other stakeholders, count on as the industry standard. is the premier online resource for all your aviation needs, especially when it comes to buying and selling airplanes and helicopters.

Do you have an airplane for sale? can help. Put your aircraft specifications at the fingertips of thousands of monthly visitors. If you are looking to purchase a plane, we can help with that too. Take a look at our ever-changing selection of new and used aircraft for sale.

The aircraft for sale listings on our site have clear, distinct options for getting in touch with the seller of a plane. You can contact the individual or brokerage advertising an airplane for sale by phone, email or text directly in the aircraft for sale listing. You can also download a pdf of specific details about a particular aircraft.

' + ' has decades of experience showcasing aircraft for sale online and has developed a suite of options to ensure that your plane gets noticed by legitimate buyers.' + ' Check out our rates for advertising jets and piston airplanes for sale here.' + ' We also offer options for featured listings to elevate your aircraft for sale, and spots in our Plane Mail and Piston Mail broadcasts,' + ' sent regularly to active aircraft buyers, dealmakers, and brokers in the aviation industry.' + '

Annual inspections are just that: inspections. Chances are your A&P will find some things that need work, which is why we included that MRF in our variable costs. I used a figure of $800 that should get you a basic annual with a small shop. If you have a fancier aircraft, a twin, or anything with retractable landing gear, the base price of your annual will increase significantly. A friend who used to own a Cirrus SR22 budgeted $10,000 per year for their annual. Again, shop around!

Single-engine aircraft such as the Cessna 172 are typically what come to mind when referring to a small plane. These aircraft are more expensive than ultralight aircraft and require a Private Pilot Certificate to operate.

Multi-engine aircraft will typically not be found with an upfront cost of less than $75,000. Multi-engine aircraft have the greatest price range of any small plane, with many multi-engine aircraft for sale at over $500,000.

While an entire book could be written on the renting versus buying debate, the primary fact is that, for a small aircraft, if you intend on flying more than approximately 300 hours a year, purchasing an aircraft will almost always be a better financial decision.

The standard length of a term for aviation is different than what you may be used to. Usually, you can expect to see term lengths for up to 15 to 20 years. Now this is not to say you cannot get a term for a shorter period however these lengths are standard for smaller aircraft.

Aircraft partnerships are usually an arrangement between 2-5 individuals over the costs of one aircraft. These smaller arrangements are more limited than a flight club however they offer the most exclusive rights to an aircraft. Generally, these relations are bound by contract meaning you have a legally vested interest in all operating costs and finances of the aircraft. However, it comes with the benefits of open scheduling, reduced costs, and the opportunity to access higher-end aircraft.

In order to purchase a small plane, you will more than likely need a credit score of above 750 to get a competitive rate. This is because an aircraft is a luxury purchase which makes lenders more discretionary when choosing clients.

Choosing the right airplane can be a very subjective process. There is no right answer to the perfect aircraft however we can direct you. Check out our article on Questions to Ask When Buying an Aircraft.

When it comes to general aviation aircraft your choices are legion. There are single-engine and twin-engine propeller aircraft as well as small jet planes. There are planes that land and take-off from the water, known as amphibious aircraft. Aircraft are available new or used. The price range for planes is vast: A new general aviation jet will cost you at least $1 million, but some used single-engine propeller planes go for under $40,000.

It's important to understand the timeline of an aircraft loan. Typically it takes 1-2business days to be approved by a lender once we have submitted your completedapplication. From there, it will take another 5-7 business days to close the loan. Ifyou have a complicated financial package, or more than one partner purchasing theairplane with you, it may take a little longer. Please plan accordingly so you don't getyourself into a stressful situation with the seller. Also, wait to make any travel plansto pick up the airplane until your lender has confirmed the closing date.

These binding legal documents typically set the sales price and conditions including things like the amount of time the buyer has to complete a pre-buy inspection, who pays for what, terms of a deposit and who pays to move the airplane. Most lenders will require an executed purchase and sales agreement in order to fully understand the transaction.

One of the most popular small aircrafts in history, the G36 Bonanza from Beechcraft has been around since 1947. Just like a reliable car, this American-made model has been upgraded throughout the years, and more efficient engines and electronic updates to suit our current needs have been added.

On the smaller side, this little machine from Cirrus Aircraft is pretty powerful though. A reliable private jet with a single engine system, it is powered by a turbofan engine that has capabilities of creating over 18,000 lbs of thrust. Featuring a distinctive tail, this aircraft is perfect for someone who loves to pilot their own plane.

If you want to compare planes to cars, the Cessna TTx is the equivalent of a luxury sedan. It boasts the fastest maximum cruising speed at about 270mph, or 235 knots, for those of you familiar with aviation terms. It seats four adults, so it makes a perfect little getaway plane for a family or a small group of friends.

It is not a secret that owning an aircraft is not cheap. After all, next to the purchase price, there are maintenance, insurance, and operational costs. But which aircraft should you choose if you want to spend as little money as possible and still enjoy all the benefits? Fly Aeolus shows you which aircraft models are worth considering if you are looking for small and the cheapest airplanes to buy. These top 5 cheapest airplanes to buy are worth considering!

The next of the 5 cheapest ariplanes to buy is the Piper Seneca. A twin-engine light aircraft. It is extremely fast, spacious and comfortable. Flight schools do appreciate this model very much. Commercially, the aircraft is used rather rarely but it can be rented without a pilot if you do not want to buy it. The cruising speed with this aircraft is 370 km/h and on a total length of 8.72 meters it offers 6 seats. The Piper Seneca (model year 2019) can be purchased for a list price of about 655.000 Euro. The Piper Seneca costs per hour are about 430 Euro. So if you want a high quality and cheap airplane, you should take a closer look at this one!

With a top speed of 378 km/h, the Cirrus SR22 can easily keep up with the other models. By means of the price of about 890.000 Euro and operating costs between 210 and 230 Euro per hour, it is a cheap airplane in its class. In the U.S., it is mainly used commercially, while in Europe it is mainly used for fractional ownership models and privately. Emirates also uses the Cirrus SR22 for its flight training.

All the given prices of the cheapest airplanes to buy do not include pilot cost or landingfees and are much dependant on different factors, for example the amount of hours you averagely fly the aircraft.

If you are interested in one of the cheapest airplanes to buy, take a look at our Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales and Acquisition page. Check out our latest listings and learn how Fly Aeolus can assist you in the buying process.

Do you have any unanswered questions about the cheapest airplanes to buy? Or would you like to charter a Cirrus air taxi? Then you can contact us at any time or also check out our specially created Frequently Asked Questions page or our blog about 10 questions you should ask yourself while buying a private jet. You can find our 1600 destinations on our destinations page. Would you instead like to know what an air taxi costs? Use our price calculator: 041b061a72


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