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KnightSA89 & LebtoniQ's Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol.80: MP3 Download and Tracklist

Knight SA Vol 80 MP3 Download: A Review of the Latest Deeper Soulful Sounds Mix

Introduction paragraph: - Introduce Knight SA as a popular midtempo and soulful producer and deejay in South Africa - Mention his DSS series that has over 100 episodes - Explain what is Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol 80 and why it is worth listening to - Provide a link to download or stream the mix If you are a fan of midtempo and soulful house music, you have probably heard of Knight SA. He is one of the most celebrated producers and deejays in South Africa, who has been delivering explosive mixes for over a decade. His DSS series, short for Deeper Soulful Sounds, is one of his most notorious projects that showcases his unique style and taste in music. The latest installment of DSS is Vol 80, which he released in June 2023 in collaboration with LebtoniQ. This mix is a must-listen for anyone who loves deep, smooth, and soulful tunes that will take you on a harmonic journey. In this article, we will review Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol 80 and tell you why you should download or stream it right now.

- Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol 81 (2Hours MidTempo Mix) by Knight SA: This mix is the next episode of DSS after Vol 80, and it features more of Knight SA's signature midtempo and soulful sounds. The mix is 2 hours long, and it contains 23 tracks of pure bliss and harmony. The mix is ideal for relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying some quality music.

- Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol 77 (KnightSA's 3HRS Birthday) by Knight SA & Toxicated: This mix is a special edition of DSS that Knight SA made for his birthday in 2020. The mix is 3 hours long, and it features a guest mix by Toxicated, another talented producer and deejay from South Africa. The mix is a celebration of life, music, and friendship, and it contains some of the best tracks and remixes by Knight SA and Toxicated. The mix is a party starter, a mood booster, and a musical treat.

knight sa vol 80 mp3 download


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